Monet Landscaping is the proud provider of quality, affordable property maintenance to large and mid-sized properties requiring full-service, year round, proactive partner in customized landscape maintenance. From a variety of multi-residential complexes throughout Westchester and Fairfield County such as condominium complexes, athletic facilities, retail locations, educational facilities, country clubs, assisted living housing, retirement villages, and multi-residential buildings have long relied on Monet Landscaping for consistent, quality maintenance to keep their properties safe and beautiful year round.

Partner with Monet Landscaping for professional service for your property because our years of experience has taught us how to help facility managers anticipate what they need, when they need it. Often below budget, before crisis, while saving budgetary dollars, making everybody on the team exceedingly happy.

• 20 years experience partnering with facility managers
• Full-service, reliable year round maintenance
• Class A office space maintained at highest level all year for consistent service
• 24/7 access: anywhere, anytime.
• Multi-media communication for instant answers
• Proactive cost saving solutions for year round maintenance
• Monthly, annotated service reports
• Preemptive problem resolutions saving time and resources
• Real time feedback via multi-media communication
• Proactive diagnosis and analysis
• Fully certified, licensed and insured meeting all state and local requirements


Schedule a personal consultation today, and put Monet Landscaping to work for you.